One of the UK’s leading solid hardwood furniture retailers, Oak Furnitureland, has welcomed the decision from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to revoke its decision to ban the retailer from using its ‘100% solid hardwood’ and ‘no veneer in ’ere’ phrasing. The decision comes after a 12-month independent review of the case, which ignited widespread debate across the retail industry, after questions were raised around the retailers ‘no veneer in ‘ere’ adverts and by association the 100% solid hardwood claims. The ASA’s original decision banned the use of these claims regarding some of the retailers dining tables. Jason Bannister, CEO and founder of Oak Furnitureland, says: “In 2003 we formed Oak Furnitureland and our goal was simple – It was to manufacture 100% solid furniture at a price that everyone could afford. This was at a time where anything well-made or solid seemed to cost a small fortune.